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This is a general repository of information on OTEC from various sources, as well as of past presentations by OIA.

All  presentations are in PDF format. Adobe Reader must be installed in your computer to view them. Some browsers may not open the PDF files directly. In such a case, place the cursor over the desired link, right click and save the file to your computer. The file can then be opened offline using Acrobat Reader. Some presentations are large (over 10 MB), so be patient

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Energy from the Ocean:  Seminal 1982 paper by R. Cohen (former director DOE Ocean Energy Technology) with fundamental information on OTEC

2002 article on OTEC Fundamentals  by Dr. Luis A. Vega

Presentation for the University of Puerto Rico by Dr. Luis A. Vega

Presentation for the University of Puerto Rico  by Dr. C.B. Panchal

Presentation on OTEC environmental and socioeconomic effects by J.A. Martí, PE

Presentation on OTEC Economics by Dr. Luis A. Vega at Energy Ocean 2007 conference in Hawaii

Presentation on Peaking of Oil Production and energy alternatives by the Hon. Roscoe Bartlett (congressman) at  Argonne-DOE OTEC Workshop, September 11, 2007

Announcement for Center for  Economic and Environmental Partnership New York presentation, October 2007

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett  speaks to Congress about Peak Oil, Energy Bulletin, November, 2007

Announcement for Center for Economic and Environmental Partnership Washington, DC presentation, February 2008

Presentation by Thomas J. Plocek, OIA's Founder, at WIREC, Washington DC,  March 2008

Presentation by Dr. C.B. Panchal at WIREC, Washington, DC, March 2008.

Presentation on OTEC History and Concepts for IEEE by J. Marti, April 24, 2008

Presentation on OTEC Engineering and Design for IEEE by M. Laboy, April 24, 2008

Presentation on OTEC Environmental and Social implications for IEEE by J. Marti, April 24, 2008

Presentation on OTEC and Economic Development for IEEE by Thomas J. Plocek, April 24, 2008

General presentation on OTEC by J. Martí  for PR Water Environment Association, May 23, 2008

Presentation on OTEC for  COHEMIS international Conference on Green Communities, UPR Mayaguez, June 18, 2008

Presentation  by J. Martí on OTEC Basic Concepts, History and Future, CIAPR Convention August 2008

Presentation by J. Martí on OTEC Socioeconomic and Environmental Implications, CIAPR Convention, August 2008

Presentation by T.J. Plocek on OTEC Strategy for Puerto Rico: Power and Economic Development, CIAPR Convention, August 2008

Article on OTEC Commercialization by J. Martí, et. al, presented for 31st AIDIS International Congress in Chile, 2008 (Spanish)

Article  on OTEC implementation by T.J. Plocek et al, presented at OTC Conference in Houston, May 2009

Presentación del Ing. Manuel A.J. Laboy sobre OTEC y sus implicaciones en Puerto Rico, diciembre de 2009 (en español)

DOE 2010 Report to Congress on the Potential Environmental Effects of Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technologies

Paper on OTEC heat exchanger design by M. Laboy and O. Ruiz, presented at DOE's Energy 2010 conference, Florida, February, 2010.

Artículo con información general sobre OTEC presentado en "Primera Hora" 18 de febrero de 2010 (en español)

Ponencia presentada por el  Ing. Manuel A.J. Laboy ante la Hon. Comisión de Asuntos Federales del Senado de Puerto Rico, presidida por la Hon. Melinda Romero-Donnelly, 16 de abril de 2010.

Article on Commercial Implementation of OTEC by OIA in April 2010 issue of Sea Technology Magazine

Article on Commercial Implementation of OTEC presented by OIA at OTC Conference, Houston, May 2010.

Presentation on OTEC Commercialization at European Union Ocean Energy Conference, Brussels, May 2010.

Presentación sobre OTEC para países en desarrollo ante el 22 Congreso Internacional de AIDIS en la República Dominicana, Noviembre de 2010.

OIA presentation on feasibility of commercial OTEC at the 1st Low Carbon Earth Summit, Dalian China, October 2011

Artículo sobre la viabilidad de OTEC comercial en un mundo post-Fukushima, presentado en Congreso de la Región ! de AIDIS, San Juan, Puerto Rico, noviembre de 2011.

Artículo sobre los planes de OIA para OTEC comercial en Puerto Rico, presentado en "Latinoamérica Renovable", marzo de 2012


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