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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Session Chairperson: Phil Grossweiler, M&H Energy Services

0930 20498 OTEC Power Efficiency Challenges     J. Hurtt, A. Pellen, N.J. Nagurny, Lockheed Martin
0952 20671 Ocean Thermal Plantships for Co-Production of Ammonia and Desalinated Water     C.B. Panchal, E3Tec Service; P.P. Pandolfini, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory; W.H. Kumm, Arctic Energies
1014 20559 Ocean Thermal Energy Capacity Estimation and Resource Assessment of Southeast Florida     A.E. Leland, F.R. Driscoll, J.H. VanZwieten, Florida Atlantic University; N.J. Nagurny, R.J. Howard, Lockheed Martin
1036 20340 Study on the Cost-Effective Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Power Plant     N. Srinivasan, M. Sridhar, Deepwater Structures; M. Agrawal, ANSYS
1058 20957 First Generation 50 MW OTEC Plantship for the Production of Electricity and Desalinated Water     L.A. Vega, National Marine Renewable Energy Center, University of Hawaii; D. Michaelis, Energy Island
1120 20644 Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: Strategies for System  Integration and Implementation  Using  Commercially-Available Components and Technology     J.A. Marti, T.J. Plocek, M.A. Laboy, O.E. Ruiz, Offshore Infrastructure  Associates
1142 20702 Comparison of Aluminum Alloys and Manufacturing Processes Based on Corrosion Performance for Use in OTEC Heat Exchangers      M. Eldred, A. Landherr, IC. Chen, Makai Ocean Engineering


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