Why Now?

In summary, present circumstances are ideal for the commercial implementation of OTEC.

How does OIA plan to implement OTEC commercially?

OIA's  technical strategy draws from the extensive research and pilot investigations performed in the past by the Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, the University of Puerto Rico, the government of Japan, and major private contractors such as General Electric, TRW and others. More than $500 million were spent from the 1970's to the 1980's in such studies and investigations. OIA's technical specialists participated in many of these investigations. We have developed a design for a commercial OTEC powerplant, based on currently commercially available components and manufacturing  capabilities, with some minor fabrication developments.

Our financial strategy is even more innovative. In addition to artificially low oil prices, the reason why prior attempts to commercialize OTEC failed was not technical, but commercial.  Until recently, OTEC was much more expensive than other generating methods. Further, previous proposals for OTEC all  were dependent on government funding. OIA's founders have developed an innovative financing strategy, based on private funding. Under current energy market and environmental conditions, OTEC is competitive with oil-based electric power.

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